Life-sized Cardboard Blocks

One System, Unlimited Extend

A Cardboard Blocks System

UBlocks is not just a cardobard blocks, it is a blocks system. The structure design ofUBlocksallowstocreatevariety of shapes to meet the endless creativity.

Build everything in Life-size

Giant Size

The voxel of UBlocks is 8 x 8 x 9 (cm). It allows to build everything in life-size whether asatoyorutilityfacility.


Loading support 50kg (110lb.)

Good Quality Cardboards with a Well Structure Design bring incredible strong loadingsupport.Eachblockcansupport about 50kg (110lb.).


Lock tightly, Unlock easy

With a patented interlocking design, UBlocks can be tightly locked together and theycanalsoeasilyseparatedfrom another.

Easy to Assemble

Assemble a block 2 x 1 within 45 sec.

It's a must feature. Anyone, whatever adult or child, can also assemble a block within 2mins.Bymasteringtheassembling skill, you can assemble in 45 seconds.

Light is Safe

Light to 75g(0.165lb)

UBlocks makes of good quality corrugated cardboard. It means the blocks are light but strong.APlainWhite2x1block only weighs 75g (0.165lb.).

14+ Shapes x 12 Colors

More Shapes and special parts is coming

UBlocks is designed based on an extendable concept, this makes UBlocks can be developedblocksindifferentshapesto satisfy your infinite creativity. And More are coming.

Theme Kits

Makes creative life

UBlocks gives a shape of a themed creation, theme kit gives the creation a soul.

Castle, Ship, Animals, are more.

(under development...)